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Snakebite! Antivenom and a Global Health Crisis

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Magazine Articles

Rise of the Terror Birds!

Giant birds ruled the roost shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct

Muse, March 2020

Some Like It Hot

Some species thrive in fire-dependent ecosystems.

Muse, March 2019

How to Conquer the World (According to Your Cat)

Follow the evolution of the domestic cat. 

Muse, February 2018

The Truth About Pluto

Pluto's demotion explains how science works.

Muse, November 2018

Reasoning Like a Raven

One family of birds, the Corvids, has a unique intelligence.

Muse, September 2017

The Night Shift

Bats play a critical role in our own food supply. 

Edible Arizona, September 2017

Machines of War

Explore the war machines used in the Battle of Midway. 

Cobblestone, July 2017

Timing is Everything

Circadian rhythm plays a critical role in the daily lives of animals.

Odyssey, February 2016


Between the Tides

Tide pools are home to a universe of unique creatures. 

Ask, January 2015


Nonfiction Books


Beasts on the Battlefield

High interest book about animal kingdom's military contributions throughout history. 

Capstone Press, Fall 2019


Ancient Maya Technology

Take a look at how innovations allowed the ancient Maya to thrive. 

PowerKids Press, Fall 2018


Beastly Armor

Learn how the natural world has been inspiring miltary defenses for centuries. 

Capstone Press, Fall 2019


How Irrigation Systems Work

Middle grade STEM book that explores how innovations in irrigation systems can create more sustainable agriculture. 

PowerKids Press, Fall 2018


Famous Movie Monsters: Meet Dracula

The history of Dracula, from Eastern European folklore to the many interpretations captured on film and television.

Rosen Book, 2005


Our Solar System: Saturn

Middle schoolers can learn about Saturn in ancient myth, physical aspects about the planet, and recent discoveries. 

Rosen Books, 2004


Looking Towards the Sky

Explore the history of astronomy and space exploration, 

from Galileo to the Space Shuttle.

McGraw-Hill, 2005



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